How do I choose the term of my credit?

Do you want to choose the duration of your credit, but would you like to know what you should take into account? The term, just like the amount you want to borrow and the interest, is of great importance, since it is an important factor with regard to the final costs. Take into account the maximum durations as laid down by law, but also think about the duration that best suits your wishes.


Legal terms

Legal terms

On the basis of the amounts that you can borrow, legal maximum durations have been set. For example, are you going to borrow $ 500? Then the maximum duration is 18 months. The moment you borrow $ 5,600 this is 36 months and the maximum term for a loan of $ 20,000 is 84 months.

Credit sum Maximum duration
$ 500 18 months
$ 2,500 24 months
$ 3,700 30 months
$ 5,600 36 months
$ 7,500 42 months
$ 10,000 48 months
$ 15,000 60 months
$ 20,000 84 months
$ 37,000 120 months
$ 50,000 240 months


Amount you wish to borrow

credit loan

Also keep in mind the amount you want to borrow. It is quite possible to repay an amount of a few hundred euros within a few months, but with an amount of for example $ 10,000 you will need a few years for that. Use your income and the fixed costs that you have to calculate the ‘space’ in your income. Use that space for both the interest and the repayments to see how much time you need to repay the loan. Too short a time will result in high monthly costs, but too long a term for a loan will ensure that the final costs of the loan will be higher.


Goal that you have in mind

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Thirdly, take into account the goal that you have in mind when you want to determine the duration of a credit. For example, are you going to purchase a new car? In any case, ensure that the duration is no longer than the expected lifetime or usage period. In this way you avoid having to continue paying for the car, while you are no longer using it. Always state the purpose to your financial adviser or lender, so that they can advise you on the duration of the loan on the basis of this.

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