How to check your debt? What are the costs of checking?

Unpaid loan installment, telephone or electricity bill – there can be many reasons for arrears. Regardless of the amount that is the value of the debt, you can hit the list of debtors. Unpaid bills for a long time can cause many problems. A summay is on

Before you plan to pay off your debts, you need to know exactly what you are up to. This means that it is necessary to check how high your debt is.

You can do this by reaching for the support of institutions that deal with the collection of data related to your financial history. The most popular are BIG-i and Credit Checker. In today’s article, you will find out where you can check your debt and how much it costs.

Where can you check your debt?

Where can you check your debt?

Gathering information about the sum of debts and the entities to which we are in arrears with payments is the first step to be taken to get on the road leading to debt repayment. It is often the case that there are so many individual commitments that you have to reach for publicly available databases, in which you will find all information on overdue payments.

Checking your debt against appearances is not complicated. Currently, there are several databases in Poland where we can find information about people in default. However, the truth is that the creditors will quickly apply for the debt. Today, practically any person can check the data on the state of their financial obligations in four main Economic Information Bureaus.

It is an economic information office that accepts, stores and discloses data on both debtors and payers who regulate their financial obligations in a timely manner. Here you can find data on liabilities from primary and secondary markets, including telecommunications, multimedia, banking, finance, and the budget sector. Checking the list is free once every 6 months.

Searching for information about your debts is worth starting by checking the Credit Checker. There are all of the liabilities that we have incurred in banks, credit unions and in some lending companies. The comforting fact is that once every six months you can download such a Credit Checker report completely free of charge.

This report contains all our current liabilities and their status

This report contains all our current liabilities and their status

Whether they are repaid on time, whether we have any debts covered by a debt collection or debt collection proceedings. We will extract such information from the Credit Checker report very quickly. The Credit Checker report can be downloaded in two ways: in paper and electronic version.

In turn, the National Debt Register offers the service “Check your PESEL”, under which you can receive a current report containing information on the timely repayment of liabilities and your possible debts. KRD has an offer for both companies and consumers – the latter can get access to the database free of charge.

The same report is used by banks and lending institutions to check the history of the loan applicant’s commitments.

How much does the check cost?

How much does the check cost?

In our country, there is no shortage of people stuck in a spiral of debt. The spiral works ruthlessly, and the first step to get out of it is to determine exactly who and what we owe. Information on this subject can be found in various debtors’ databases.

Registration in the Credit Checker takes place, after registration you must verify your account, send a scan or photo of your ID card to the register. After verifying the profile, you can proceed to download the Credit Checker report. The report is payable and costs USD 39 – once or USD 99 for 12 reports to be used for one year from the date of package purchase. In order to generate a report, log in to your account, then select the offer you are interested in and make the payment – soon the document will be generated.